Individual Statistics

Regular Season – Points

Regular Season – Goalie (full-time goalie)

Regular Season – Goalie (part-time goalie)

GP - Games Played (Goalie), Min - Minutes Played, SO - Shutout, SA - Shot Against, GA - Goal Against, SV - Saves, GAA - Goals Against Average, SV% - Save Percentage

* Goalies need to play in at least 4 games to be eligible for a Goalie award.

Full-Time goalies can play as many games in net as they want.

Part-Time goalies can only play 2 games in net in the Regular Season and 2 games in net during the Playoffs (IIBHL Rule Change, 2019).

Goalies that are no longer eligible to play in net during the Regular Season: 

Regular Season – Three Stars

1st Star = 5 points ~ 2nd Star = 3 points 3rd Star = 1 point