Date: Sunday, September 22 

Time: 2:30 pm

Once the Tryouts are over and the coaches have a good idea of the skill level of each player, they will get together and pick their teams, drafting players one by one like the NHL. All players invited to Tryouts will be picked on a team, regardless of skill level, except for standbys who didn’t get in. Once the teams are picked, coaches are then responsible for contacting players to welcome them on their team, and will send them weekly emails throughout the season.

Draft order 2019-2020:


1. Al-‘Aalimoon (Huzaifa Iftikhar & Uthman Ahmed)

2. As-Sabr (Hisham Yakub & Hamza Siddiqui)

3. Al-Eemaan (Owais Qureshi & Hasaan Warsi)

4. Al-Khaashi'oon (Altaf Patel & Maazin Macci)

5. Ar-Raashidoon (Ahad Panjwani & Yaseen Khan)

6. Al-Mujaahidoon (Abdullah Ally & Shaheed Sufi)


1. At-Taqwaa (Usamah Khan & Haseeb Ali)

2. As-Sidq (Zaffar Siddiqui & Ibraheem Siddiqui)

3. Al-Falaah (Umar Hamid & Ilyas Khan)

4. Al-Mu'minoon (Abdur-Rahman Hamid)

5. Al-Ansaar (Aftab Ellahi)

6. Al-Fowz (Ammar Butt)


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