Saturday Sep 8, 8:30 AM - 12:30 PM Tier 2/ 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM: Tier 1

Sunday Sep 9, 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM: Tier 1 & Tier 2 

All those registered by the end of the registration period (Aug 31) were invited to Tryouts where they were given drills so that their skill level were be assessed.

The Tryouts date was given well in advance so that players could put aside the time to show up. NOTE: Attendance at the Tryouts once you have been invited is mandatory. Anyone not showing up for Tryouts after being invited is refused entry to the league and their spot is given to someone else. No excuses are accepted for no-shows.

The drills at the Tryouts were so that coaches could assess the skill level of the players in order for them to be picked on a team. Coaches were asked to come to the Tryouts prepared to take detailed notes on each player. It is important to note that Tryouts were not a competition to see which players we wanted to keep. If a player registered on time, he was invited to the Tryouts. If he showed up (and was not a standby), he was guaranteed a spot regardless of skill level.

Standbys were players who signed up after registration were full. Some standbys were invited to the Tryouts a their only chance to get in was only if a registered player did not show up to the Tryouts. Standbys invited to the Tryouts were not guaranteed a spot regardless of how they did at the drills. 

NOTE: All outstanding registration fees were due at the Tryouts.

Tryouts consisted of the following skill-testing drills for all players including goalies:

  1. Speed: The first drill was to test running speed and players were timed as they ran.
  2. Stickhandling: The second drill was to test ball control as players were asked to stickhandle a ball around pylons as fast as they could while being timed.
  3. Shooting: Everybody took 5 wrist shots on an empty net and players were assessed for shooting accuracy and strength, and their ability to raise the ball.

Goalies did two additional drills:

  1. Shots: Each goalie faced 5 wrist shots from a reasonable distance. They were assessed for reflexes and positioning.
  2. Breakaways: Each goalie faced 4 breakaways. They were assessed for reflexes, positioning and style.

Once the Tryouts were over and coaches had made notes on all the players, they met to pick the teams at the Draft.