Registration Process

Begins August 1, 2020

Registration began on Saturday, August 1 and all returning players, as well as new players already on our contact list, have been emailed registration instructions.

Returning players for Tier 1 (12-16 years) will be allowed to sign up on a first-come-first-served basis for the first three weeks (TBD). Spots are limited in Tier 1 this year with 5 players leaving (too old to play), and 12 players moving up from Tier 2. This means that we have more returning players for Tier 1 than spots available, and so some will not get to play. Returning players for Tier 2 (6-11 years) have a guaranteed spot until TBD.

New players go on a waiting list as soon as we receive their registration forms. The higher new players are on the waiting list, the better their chances are of getting in, so sending in their forms without delay is absolutely crucial. After the three-week period for returning players to sign up is over, the remaining spots are filled by new players on the waiting list starting from the top.

When registration is over, all players who have registered along with some standbys will be invited to Tryouts where we will assess the skill level of each player.

To register, download the Registration Form and Code of Conduct. Read the Code of Conduct, fill out the Registration Form, sign it, and send the scanned Form (or a pic of it) to Note that before signing the Registration Form, the terms of the IIBHL Code of Conduct must be read and agreed to.