Draft Rules

To view the IIBHL Girls 2023-2024 Draft Rules, Scroll down to page 2.

IIBHL Boys 2023-2024 DRAFT RULES

When: October 1, 2023

Time: 5:00 pm

Where: Islamic Institute of Toronto

Draft order: 2023-2024 (Confirmed)

Draft Order:

Tier 1:

  1. Al-Fowz
  2. As-Sidq
  3. Al-Ansaar
  4. At-Taqwaa
  5. Al-Mu’minoon
  6. Al-Falaah

Tier 2:

  1. Al-Eemaan
  2. As-Sabr
  3. Al-Khaashi’oon
  4. Al-‘Aalimoon
  5. Al-Mujahidoon
  6. Ar-Raashidoon

Draft Procedure:

  1. The Draft will go 9 rounds for Tier 1 until all players are picked.
  2. Picks will go 1-5 then 5-1 in the first two rounds, and this snaking system will continue for all 9 rounds.
  3. Each team will have 2 minutes to make its pick when their turn comes. The timer will tell you when one minute is left, and will remind you when 30 seconds are left. You must make your pick at the end of the 2 minutes or lose it.
  4. All teams will be provided with a Draft Grid to keep track of each team’s picks.

Player Restrictions:

  1. A player whose dad or brother is coaching is designated a round where he MUST be picked up by his dad or brother, or he will be made available to other teams. This player cannot be drafted by any other team before his designated turn has come. NOTE: A player considered by the other coaches and the league Directors (Khalid, Faheem & Abdullaah) to be a first round pick cannot be protected by a parent but must be acquired through a trade (see Compensation).
  2. A team is not allowed to pick two of the goalies that tried out in the first 4 rounds. After the first 4 rounds, this restriction no longer applies.


  1. BEFORE THE DRAFT: Teams were allowed to trade their Draft position until Wednesday Nov 3 and report the trade to Khalid either by text, email or phone. All teams declined.
  2. DURING THE DRAFT: Trades involving swapping the order of picking will only be allowed if the order is also swapped in the next round. For example, if team A and team B swap 3rd round picks, they must also swap 4thround picks to even it out. If wishing to make a trade when your turn comes, indicate to the Directors that you wish to make a trade offer. You will have two minutes to approach another team with the offer and report a trade in writing to the Directors. If not done within 2 minutes, the trade is null and void and you will have your usual 2 minutes to make your pick. Every team will be allowed one opportunity to swap their Draft order.
  3. AFTER THE DRAFT: Trades involving players will be allowed this year directly after the Draft. Every team is allowed one trade offer to another team. So think carefully before doing it. Every team, by draft order, will be given a chance to make a trade offer to another team and will have 2 minutes. If a trade is reported to the Directors within the 2 minutes, the Directors will assess the fairness of the trade and either accept or reject it. Do not waste everyone’s time with lopsided trades. All trades involving players have to be approved by the Directors.


  1. If the son of a coach is considered by the other coaches and the Directors to be a first round pick, he cannot be protected by his dad. Instead, any team picking him up before his dad picks has to trade him to his dad, in exchange for compensation as determined by the Directors. Below is the compensation determined for this year’s draft.