Code of Conduct


The IIBHL is a Muslim league. The following conduct is expected from everyone involved in the IIBHL:

  • Sportsmanship, Sportsmanship, Sportsmanship.
  • Respect for each other, the volunteers and spectators.
  • Respect for the gym: use sticks with approved blades (plastic or composite, not wooden blades) and throw all trash in the garbage cans provided.
  • Respect for the Covid protocols: masking and sitting when not playing, distancing, no mingling, entering and exiting through designated doors.
  • Respect for the building: no one is allowed outside the gyms except to exit the building and go home.
  • Respect for prayer times: when the azan is heard, all activities must stop IMMEDIATELY and everyone should prepare for prayer.
  • Respect for those still praying: after the prayer, DO NOT START TALKING OR PLAYING until you are given the ok to do so.
  • Islamic conduct and dress code (no shorts above knees allowed).
  • Meeting in the middle for a short dua before games, and meeting again after games to bump fists/elbows.
  • Helping out whenever needed (setting up before games, putting away equipment, cleaning up, sanitizing and returning the gym after games to an acceptable state before leaving).

The following conduct is strictly prohibited for all IIBHL players:* 

  • Slap shots (raising your stick above the shoulder before taking a shot).
  • Use of the stick in a dangerous manner during games.
  • Excessive contact during a game, and any contact with someone against the wall.
  • Fighting or any other aggressive behaviour.
  • Swearing or trash-talking before, during or after games, or anywhere on IIT premises.
  • Unsportsmanlike conduct contrary to the spirit of brotherhood that the IIBHL promotes.
  • Removing your mask or leaving your seat when not playing.
  • Mingling before, during or after games.
  • Leaving the gym except to exit the building and go home.
  • Bullying on IIT premises or electronically (text, email, social media).
  • Smoking/drugs/alcohol.
  • Vandalizing/defacing/damaging the building in any way.
  • Being found alone anywhere on the premises with a member of the opposite sex not related to you.
  • Any other anti-Islamic behaviour.

*The above violations will be dealt with severely and will entail disciplinary action ranging from suspension and/or ejection from the league to legal action.