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All-Star Day Recap

Congratulations to all of those who were selected to participate in the 2019-2020 All-Star Day! Below you can find results of the skills competition and games.

Skills Competition Results
Hardest Shot Target Shooting Penalty Shots Rapid Fire
Tier 1 Maazin Macci Zayd Qadri Shooter: Yusuf Siddiqui Shooter: Abdullah Ally
Goalie: Saad Nakhuda Goalie: Hamza Ally
Tier 2 Ibraheem Ahmed Zayd Rahman Shooter: Nabil Kalifa Shooter: Hamza Chand
Goalie: Eesa Elmasry Goalie: Eesa Elmasry
All-Star Games
Tier 2
Teams Final Three Stars
West 5
  1. Mustafa Khan (W)
  2. Shakir Sufi (W)
  3. Hamza Chand (E)
East 2
Tier 1
Teams Final Three Stars
West 4
  1. Bilal Iftikhar (W)
  2. Yusuf Siddiqui (W)
  3. Muhammad Khan (E)
East 1
Coaches vs Select All-Stars (Tier 1 only)
Teams Final Three Stars
Select All-Stars 8
  1. Yusuf Siddiqui (SAS)
  2. Ibraheem Siddiqui (C)
  3. Hamza Ally (SAS)
Coaches 5

All-Star Day Skills Competition Winners!

Congratulate to all the winners in our very first All-Star Day Skills Competition!

West dominated the events in both Tier 2 (4-2) and Tier 1 (5-1).

Hardest Shot

Tier 2 - Mustafa Khan (West): 68 km/h

Tier 1 - Zakariya Shaikh (West): 94 km/h


Tier 2 - Uthman Qadri (East)

Tier 1 - Abubakr Khan (West)

Tier 2 shooter - Mohammed Din (West)

Tier 2 goalie - Ibraheem Elmasry (East)

Tier 1 shooter - Usayd Ashraf (East)

Tier 1 goalie - Hamza Ally (West)


Tier 2 shooter - Waseem Kalifa (West)

Tier 2 goalie - Eesa Elmasry (West)

Tier 1 shooter - Hamza Abas (West)

Tier 1 goalie - Hamza Ally (West)

Everything You Need to Know About The First IIBHL All-Star Day!

Join us on Saturday, January 26th, 2019 for the first-ever IIBHL All-Star Day - which includes a skills competition and three All-Star Games!

Below you can find:

  • All-Star Day Flyer
  • All-Star Team Rosters for both tiers
  • All-Star Skills Competition competitors for both tiers
  • Select All-Star vs Coaches Roster (tier one only)

All Star Day Countdown

All Star Day

Click to view image. 

Tier Two All-Star Rosters 2018-2019

Congratulations to the following all-stars for tier two!

Eastern Division All-Stars

Coaches: To Be Determined (winner of Eastern Division)


  • Uthman Qadri (Ar-Raashidoon)
  • Hassan Yakub (Ar-Raashidoon)
  • Nabil Kalifa (Al-‘Aalimoon)
  • Hamzah Misbahuddin (Al-‘Aalimoon)
  • Bilal Khan (Al-Eemaan)
  • Yusuf Syed (Al-Eemaan)
  • Abdullah Malek (Al-‘Aalimoon)
  • Faaris Omer (Al-‘Aalimoon)
  • Awaab Ashraf (Al-Eemaan)
  • Ahmed Aden (Ar-Raashidoon)

Standby: Hamza Chand (Al-Eemaan)

Goalies: Ibraheem Elmasry (Al-Eemaan)

Western Division All-Stars

Coaches: To Be Determined (winner of Western Division)


  • Azeem Patel (Al-Khaashi’oon)
  • Sidik Karatella (Al-Khaashi’oon)
  • Mustafa Khan (As-Sabr)
  • Waseem Kalifa (As-Sabr)
  • Jabir Iftikhar (Al-Mujaahidoon)
  • Mohammed Din (Al-Mujaahidoon)
  • Taahir Ibrahim (Al-Khaashi’oon)
  • Zayd Mohiuddin (Al-Mujaahidoon)
  • Abubakar Ahmed (As-Sabr)
  • Usman Mustafa (Al-Mujaahidoon)

Standby: Waseem Macci (Al-Khaashi’oon)

Goalies: Eesa Elmasry (As-Sabr)

Tier One All-Star Rosters 2018-2019

Congratulations to the following all-stars for tier one!

Eastern Division All-Stars

Coaches: To Be Determined (winner of Eastern Division)


  • Abdullah Ally (Al-Falaah)
  • Huzaifah Muhammad (Al-Falaah)
  • Abdur-Rahman Hamid (Al-Mu’minoon)
  • Yaqub Siddiqui (Al-Mu’minoon)
  • Sufyan Ahmad (At-Taqwaa)
  • Abdur-Raheem Hamid (At-Taqwaa)
  • Saabiq Khadim (Al-Falaah)
  • Usayd Ashraf (At-Taqwaa)

Standby: Bilal Iftikhar (Al-Mu’minoon)

Goalie: Abdus-Salaam Hamid (Al-Falaah)

Western Division All-Stars

Coaches: Ammar Butt & Abdul Rangasammy (Al-Fowz)


  • Zakariya Shaikh (Al-Ansaar)
  • Mekael Malik (Al-Ansaar)
  • Dawoud Siddiqui (As-Sidq)
  • Yusuf Siddiqui (As-Sidq)
  • Maazin Macci (Al-Fowz)
  • Hamza Siddiqui (Al-Fowz)
  • Zayd Qadri (Al-Fowz)
  • Abubakr Khan (Al-Fowz)

Standby: Rafid Butt (Al-Fowz)

Goalie: Hamza Ally (As-Sidq)

All-Star Picks Are In!

All-Star Teams will be announced in the coming days, emails will be sent out to the all-star selected players and announcements will be made Friday nights before ball drop.

Take a look at the flyer below as it outlines all of the highlights of the All-Star Day!

Rosters will be announced Saturday, January 5th at 4 PM.

All-Star Flyer 2019 Update