Volunteer with the Islamic Institute Ball Hockey League (IIBHL)!

Volunteer Opportunities with the IIBHL – Join Our Community and Make a Positive Impact!

Are you interested in making a difference in the community? The Islamic Institute Ball Hockey League (IIBHL) is currently seeking dedicated individuals to volunteer1 in various roles. As a volunteer, you can contribute to the growth and success of our league while building lasting connections.

We have several positions available, including:

  • Coaches2: Share your knowledge and passion for ball hockey by coaching one of our teams. Training will be provided to help you become an effective mentor and leader.
  • Referees3: Ensure fair play and uphold the rules of the game as a referee. Experience is preferred, but we also welcome those who are interested in learning and growing in this role.
  • Scorekeepers4: Help keep track of the game’s statistics and maintain accurate scorekeeping.
  • Timekeepers5: Keep the game running smoothly and manage the game clock as a timekeeper. Training will be provided to familiarize you with the equipment and procedures.

If you’re interested in volunteering, you have two options;

  1. You can take a moment to fill out the form provided below. Select the division you would like to volunteer in, sign the document.
  2. You can fill out the volunteer agreement form (click here to access the form). Submit the form to contact@iibhl.ca, and an IIBHL administrator will be in touch regarding the next steps.

Your dedication and involvement will have a positive impact on our league and the community we serve. Join us today in shaping the future of the Islamic Institute Ball Hockey League!

Volunteer Agreement Form

Check off the positions you are applying for. You may be required to fill in at positions not checked off above, if needed.


I pledge to uphold and promote the IIBHL’s vision of sportsmanship and brotherhood at all times as laid out in the IIBHL Code of Conduct, which I have read.

I know that not responding to league emails is a serious offence. I will check the email address given above often from now until the end of the season and respond immediately to emails regarding league matters. If not, decisions regarding my team and the league will be made for me.


My signature below means that I understand that being allowed to volunteer in the IIBHL is a privilege that is given only to those who have been carefully chosen. I agree to abide by the above conditions for volunteering in the IIBHL for the 2023-2024 season. I understand that I may be dismissed from any involvement with the league if I violate any of the Conditions for Volunteering above.

Updated: August 5, 2023
  1. We accept high school students that are looking to obtain their volunteer hours for school. An IIBHL Director (Abdullaah or Faheem) will be available to sign off on the documents. ↩︎
  2. You can view the IIBHL coaching duties here. ↩︎
  3. You can view the IIBHL refereeing duties here. ↩︎
  4. You can view the IIBHL scorekeeping duties here. ↩︎
  5. You can view the IIBHL timekeeper duties here. ↩︎

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